24 July 2018

Let me begin by saying a massive welcome and thank you for visiting my site! So, this is my very first blog of hopefully many. Here I want to talk about all things health and fitness, and basically anything new and exciting in my life. If any of you lovely people want me to talk about anything in particular you can reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter with your suggestions! 

Right, let’s get into it! I thought I’d do this first blog as a bit of an introduction to myself and my journey.

We’ll start from the beginning… I guess you could say I started my skiing career at the age of 10, though I had no plans to make it so or had never thought of skiing in that way, it was always a hobby to me. I soon took a fancy to freestyle skiing (slopestyle at the time), seeing all the older “cool” kids doing it made me crave to try. 

Soon my parents would run me and my siblings up and down the country to freestyle camps and competitions, I have a lot to thank them for as I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 

As my passion for the sport grew I started taking part in camps abroad, mainly in Europe, where I was introduced to halfpipe (the discipline I compete in now). At the age of 14 I competed in my very first halfpipe competition… I came dead last. Not going lie that broke my little heart, but if anything, it put a fire in me to keep training and be great! 

Since my first competition I have won a world up, qualified for two Olympic games and training for my third!

I found a love for exercise through being an athlete and that grew into a passion for health and fitness. So, this is why I decided to create this site and to help individuals become better and stronger versions of themselves. 

Hope you like this site and I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals! x


A State of Mind

I decided to get into the fitness industry as I want to help both men and women become a stronger better version of themselves both physically and mentally.

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