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Ski Fitness Guide

What’s Included

Skiing and snowboarding are great sports that a lot of people love to do as a leisure activity with their family and friends. Going away on winter holidays is often the highlight of the year, but often those trips are cut short due to injury. So, I wanted to create this guide to share some of my knowledge to help keep you injury free and prepare you for that greatly anticipated trip.

In this guide I will share my knowledge on getting in shape and fit with the focus on working on you’re all round fitness
and health, but also on the best exercises to do to help prevent injury and to be able to ski to your best ability.

The exercises and information in the plan correlate into daily life and not just skiing, by focusing on improving strength, endurance, power, balance, stability and mobility.

Hope you enjoy and find this guide helpful! Show me your progress and let me know your thoughts by tagging me or email.


01 About this guide!

02 Muscles used in skiing

03 Why you need to train in Strength, Cardio/Endurance, Mobility

04 Goal Setting

05 Cardio Training Techniques

06 Lifting Training Techniques

07 Importance Of Warming Up

08 Choosing A Weight

09 Choosing A Rep Range

010 Diet Information – Macros

011 Diet Tips For Traveling

012 Workout Structure

013 The Programs

014 Exercise Glossary

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